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Announcement - December 2023

Benchmark Hospitalists and Intensivists to Introduce Hospitalist Services at UC San Diego Health East Campus, Formerly Alvarado Hospital Medical Center

Innovative Hospitalist Management Company Focuses on Improving Care Coordination, Patient Flow, Clinical Quality, & Patient Satisfaction

(December 11, 2023 San Diego, CA) — UC San Diego Health East Campus proudly unveils an exciting development in its continuum of care with the introduction of Hospitalist Services by Benchmark. This strategic collaboration aims to fortify the UC San Diego Health East Campus commitment to delivering exceptional patient-centered care.

The integration of Benchmark's Hospitalist Services at UC San Diego Health East Campus signifies a dedicated focus on streamlining patient care management, optimizing clinical workflows, and enhancing the overall quality of care provided to patients within the East Campus facility.

"We are honored to partner with UC San Diego Health East Campus in elevating the standard of healthcare delivery," remarked Dr. Mark Bell, President of Benchmark. "This collaboration embodies our shared commitment to advancing patient care, ensuring seamless transitions, and fostering a patient-centric approach within the vibrant San Diego community."

About Benchmark Hospitalists and Intensivists
Headquartered in El Segundo, CA, Benchmark is renowned for its expertise in hospital management, overseeing a multitude of programs, and collaborating with diverse healthcare providers. Through a tailored approach and a focus on clinical excellence, Benchmark consistently exceeds industry benchmarks and enhances healthcare outcomes.

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About UC San Diego Health East Campus
UC San Diego Health East Campus, formerly Alvarado Hospital Medical Center, stands as a cornerstone of healthcare excellence in the region. With a history rooted in compassionate care and innovation, the facility's expansion of services aligns with its commitment to providing comprehensive, high-quality healthcare services to the diverse San Diego community.

For more information about UC San Diego Health East Campus, please visit their website.